Share the Harvest: Weeding, thinning, feeding

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The soil will be nice and soft after this week’s rain, which means it’s time to get out in the garden.

The FOX8 Morning News Team has already been in the “Share the Harvest” garden this week, preparing it for summer.

That means weeding, thinning and feeding.

It’s important to pluck uninvited weeds from the garden so they don’t rob the vegetables of water, light and nutrients.

Weeds aren’t the only things that can keep the garden from growing. Overcrowded planting will do the same thing.

So, after weeding unwanted visitors and thinning out crowded plants, it’s time to fertilize.

Plants often just need a little extra boost to grow, along with a spritz of water.

With seven pairs of hands working tirelessly, the FOX8 team tided up the garden and collected enough lettuce, radishes and kale for a five and a half pound donation.

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