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Big Burger Spot in Greensboro reveals recipe for Macho Sriracha Burger, Sourdough Bacon Melt and more

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Burgers, brats and banana pudding. With the weather warming up, it’s time to cook all your summer favorites. 

On this Recipe Wednesday, Shannon Smith stops by Big Burger Spot in Greensboro for a few recipes you’ll definitely want to try.

Macho Sriracha Burger


8 oz. Fresh ground Chuck

3 slices Applewood Smoked Bacon

1 egg cooked to order

Swiss and Cheddar cheese


Sriracha sauce

Lettuce and Tomato

Brioche Bun


Grill burger to desired temperature and melt cheese on top. Spread mayo and Sriracha sauce on both sides of bun and top with remaining items.

Sourdough Bacon Melt


1. Patty ground beef into 1/2 lb. patties 5 in diameter

2. Grill beef over high heat until desired temperature (best medium)

3. Grill Sourdough bread until golden and crispy

4. Place patty on grilled Sourdough and top with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Tomato and BS dip.

Goodfellow Italian Sausage


1. Grill Italian Sausage until golden brown

2. Toast Hoagie Roll

3. Place Peppers, onions and mushrooms on hot griddle to warm

4. Place Provolone cheese on veggies until melted

5. Place Brat on hoagie and top with brown mustard cheese and veggies

BBS Banana Pudding Recipe


1. 2 cups Sugar

2. 8 eggs beaten

3. ½ teaspoon salt

4. 1/3 Cup cornstarch

5. 1/3 Gallon milk

6. 1 tablespoon vanilla

7. Nilla Wafers

8. Whipped topping


Mix sugar and eggs then add salt, cornstarch and milk. Bring to simmer over medium to high heat stirring constantly until thickened. Remove from heat and add vanilla. After pudding is completely cooled add 1.5 cups crushed Nilla wafers and 7 bananas sliced and portion.


In 8 oz. clear portion cup (special cup) add 2 Nilla wafers and 1 white scoop of pudding (6oz.) . Top with whipped topping and place 2 Nilla wafers on the topping then sprinkle crushed Nilla wafers on top.

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