Belgian Malinois may be right for the military but they’re not always right for a family

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By now, most of us have heard about the Belgian Malinois that helped to corner isis leader Al-Baghdadi. Now, breeders have been inundated with requests for Malinois puppies. Thing is, this isn't always a good choice as a family dog.

If you were to compare a Golden Retriever to a Malinois, it’s like comparing a compact car to a mack truck.

“They're just like 50-, 60-pound muscles,” said Dr. Harvey Goho, of Skeet Club Veterinary Clinic. “While Malinois are really, really great dogs, the same features that make them good for working dogs, like military dogs or police dogs, those same attributes, which is sometimes hard-headedness, being very driven, very focused and energetic and very active, also can cause problems in the home environment.”

He recommends not only lots of daily, vigorous exercise but also regular time with an experienced trainer.

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