Which of these 4 parenting styles do you use?

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When you become a parent, you kind of have to learn on the job.

Although there are books to help guide you, you have to adopt your own way of bringing up your children. Most moms and dads fall into one of four parenting styles.

The first is authoritarian. This type of parent believes in following the rules and there isn’t much wiggle room for anything else.

Permissive parents are known to be lenient. These parents act more like the child’s friend instead of the parent.

And some parents are completely uninvolved. They don’t know what their child is up to, and they hand parenting duties over to other people.

Child psychologists say the fourth parenting style, the “authoritative” parent, is really the perfect blend. It’s a combination of the authoritarian parent and the permissive parent. They set expectations while being warm and nurturing.

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