(WGHP) — It’s National Cleaning Week!

We can pause for all the cheers, as this is a most auspicious holiday, obviously.

Just kidding. Not everyone enjoys cleaning, especially not kids, who have 500 things they’d rather be doing, like TikTok dances or something.

But teaching kids a few good cleaning habits early on can make a big difference in their lives long term.

Here are some chores you can start teaching kids based on how old they are.


Toddlers mostly need supervision, but they can watch and copy what you or their older siblings do, which instills a sense of responsibility in early.


Preschool-age kids can do simple tasks like picking up toys. They probably won’t need as much supervision as a toddler, and can typically remember a few steps on their own, rather than just mimicking someone.

Elementary age

Elementary schoolers are able to take on a lot more responsibility, including more physically challenging or complicated tasks. They can start taking out trash or sweeping or raking leaves. However, this is the age where kids might start to rebel against chores entirely.

Be patient and stay consistent with your expectation that they finish their chores, even if they’re being difficult.


Preteens are at an age where they can do their chores without being pressured or reminded. They can be held responsible for most anything. Holding them accountable by creating things like a chore chart can help curb laziness or sloppiness.


Teenagers can do pretty much anything you ask of them. On the cusp of adulthood, it’s a good time to be sure that they know how to take care of household chores without you there to remind, reward or nag them. You don’t want them to head off to college and come home every weekend to get you to do their laundry.