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HIGH POINT, N.C. — DARRAN furniture creates the desks, chairs, tables, and cabinets that can turn your workspace into a showplace.

Dull green filing cabinets are gone — they’re turning into light finishes, multipurpose pieces, and real wood.

“We try to make a collection so that when somebody goes into an office, it’s not only functional, it also catches the eye,” said President Jennifer Cashion.

DARRAN found a way to adapt to companies that no longer have people sitting in the same office eight hours a day. They’re creating furniture for a workforce that’s always on the move.

“One thing that I really think I see is more collaborative spaces and the way that people are going to work,” said Vice President Jeff Hollingsworth. “I think in the states you’re going to see more touchdown areas and a lot more people working from home.”

Jennifer and Jeff now run the business that their father started with a friend back in the late 70’s. Then, about a decade later – they made an important decision.

While other local manufacturers were laying off workers and shipping jobs overseas, they saw people with years of experience, coming to them.

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