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LEWISVILLE, N.C. — There is a shot of history in every bottle — local history that is.

“This is something I dreamed about doing ever since I was a little boy,” said Zeb Williams. “A lot of kids grow up wanting to be a pro-athlete. I grew up wanting to own a whiskey company.”

The family had always talked about bringing back their family brand.

Williams’ fifth great-grandfather started bottling whiskey in 1768 — on a farm in what’s now Lewisville — using water from Panther Creek. It continued for well over a century until prohibition arrived — along with car loads of feds.

Those dreams wouldn’t die, and that’s why they chose to go to the trouble of bringing back the family brand as Old Nick Williams. They’ve been selling clear whiskey for a couple years and just introduced a bourbon into a crowded marketplace.

But Old Nick Williams is different from the rest.

While they create a colorful story, the Williams family is just showcasing what’s been part of their bloodline for hundreds of years.

They’re showing the ads, and the accolades from presidents, that turned their whiskey into a brand known across the country.

Not many families can claim this kind of connection to a product that’s older than our country.

But the Williams family is simply sharing a taste of their heritage with everyone else.

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