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Phrantceena Halres, who founded Total Protection Services International in Charlotte, stopped by Friday morning to offer seven tips that everyone can use to help stay safe from potential predators.

Here is her advice:

  • Make use of you “in case of emergency” contact numbers in your phone so important numbers are easy to access.
  • Improve your home’s safety security with basic installations like a door-stop or screen door and window locks.
  • Always appear confident during personal interactions with strangers.  Be sure to make direct eye contact and speak of family and friends, but…
  • Don’t share too much personal information during those interactions.  When it comes to personal information — less is better.
  • Be skeptical about what you see — not everything is as it appears.
  • Don’t become distracted.  It’s easy to text and walk or listen to music while running, but don’t let yourself become distracted unless you’re certain the area is safe.
  • Keep things unpredictable.  Don’t fall into a set routine like taking a run at a certain time of the day or returning home at the same time.

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