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Last week, we posted a quiz about our morning news team. If you want to take the quiz, go for it. Below are the answers/facts in the quiz.

15 interesting (and silly) facts about the FOX8 Morning News Team:

  1. Michael hates eggs.
  2. Shannon grew up on a watermelon farm – yet she hates watermelon.
  3. Cindy wrecked her father’s car on the same day she got her driver’s license.
  4. Shannon has moved 22 times in her lifetime.
  5. Kerry had a “brief stint” as a professional model.
  6. Brad once got paid to make ice.
  7. Julie competed in the National Spelling Bee when she was in 8th grade.
  8. Emily HATES clowns.
  9. Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Tom qualified for Mensa based on a GRE score.
  10. Emily is a huge fan of Journey.
  11. Brad learned to knit and embroider at a young age.
  12. Michael and his prom date were voted king and queen.
  13. Kerry always wanted to drive a school bus.
  14. Cindy tried out to play football when she was 6-years-old — but she was rejected.
  15. Julie once trained a pet bunny to use a litter box.

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