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I started working at FOX8 in May 2014. At the time, I was working in our Winston-Salem bureau, so everything I reported on was—for the most part—very Winston-Salem-centric.

When I would tell economy-based stories, there was a common theme. Much of the business that had been done in the city in the past and many of the changes the city was making were Winston-Salem-centric. It was singular.

But when I would ask what needed to be done to make the Triad as a whole a more vibrant place economically, the same answer kept coming up. If we want more big business to emerge, the Triad—Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem—needs to work together.

In January, when it was announced that Boom Supersonic was coming to Piedmont Triad International Airport, there were countless speakers. Yes, Boom had its president in attendance. Of course, the airport’s executive director was there too. The governor was a major player as well.

But what jumped out to me was that there were people from each of the major cities that make up the Triad. This was a group effort.

When interviewing Greensboro Chamber of Commerce President Brent Christensen for a two-part story airing this week, he too admitted he’d heard horror stories about the Triad’s cities not working together to attract new business. But, to him, that’s all they’ve been in his six-and-a-half years in that position: stories.

Over those years, he and other leaders have worked hand-in-hand to prepare, and, today, we’re seeing the fruits of their labor. Two companies are making major pledges to create thousands of jobs and invest hundreds of millions of dollars, both with the common goal of clean, green energy.

And it’s not just them.

There are other companies that have been in the area for decades making the transition to zero-emissions. They’ve never left, and now they too are growing. They too are looking to make the world and the arena of how we travel it, a cleaner, healthier place.

In these stories, you’ll hear from some of the leadership of those companies and what was done years ago to arrive where the Triad is today—Piedmont-Triad: Green Transportation Hub.

– Michael Hennessey, anchor/reporter

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