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It’s hard to believe that we are bringing another year to a close.

This is usually the time when I take a moment and reflect on general takeaways, life lessons and my personal growth across the last 12 months.

Looking back on 2021, I have developed a greater sense of gratitude.

Even though we are still navigating our way through a pandemic and learning how to safely maintain connections to the people and activities that add joy to our lives, there’s been at least one constant through so much change – inspiring people.

I am inspired by people who overcome tremendous obstacles and maintain a positive attitude despite what’s staring them in the face. I was reminded that thousands of those people are right here in the Piedmont Triad while anchoring our “Stories That Inspired Us” special.

I am moved by the example that North Davidson Quarterback Gavin Hill (pictured above) has set for many. He’s determined to maintain being a student-athlete despite also battling cancer. He suited up for a game after undergoing radiation at 5:15 that morning.


That’s the kind of testimony that puts life into perspective for all of us.

Every story was a reminder that no matter what the circumstances look like on the surface, there’s always a blessing to be thankful for when we dig a little deeper.

As a storyteller, I appreciate that these stories were a small look back at the many uplifting segments we’ve shared daily throughout the year.

We all need to be uplifted. We all need to be encouraged.

I am grateful to live in a community where there is no shortage of inspiration.

– Natalie Wilson

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