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Dear Katherine,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. While you have been away at school this past year, so much has been happening in the Triad that has kept all of us very busy at FOX8.

In 2021, we will have aired over 3,000 hours of local news. Those newscasts told important stories of local and national importance, conveyed vital health news. We produced podcasts listened to by tens of thousands, told stories of intrigue and interest and brought alive and illuminated pockets of our community that needed a voice. It was humbling that these efforts were rewarded by local and regional and national awards of excellence. It was more important to be rewarded by our viewers and users who sought out our work and incorporated it and used that information in their daily lives.

Additionally in 2021, the station aired nearly 50 hours of separate locally produced specials on topics ranging from Black History Month to NASCARhigh school football to NFL, Veterans Day to the Wyndham Championship. Each special carefully crafted and highly produced for our area as well as shared around the country through our sister TV stations. These efforts were also cited and given nods for excellence via local, regional and national awards. Again, the biggest rewards were found in the impact we made to high school kids, veterans, teachers and local heros who point to our work as their recognition as well.

A local television station is an economic engine of its own through its sales force. The audiences created by our stories on-air and online were unmatched anywhere in the area, and, as such, local businesses advertising and commercials were acted upon by our audiences and they purchased goods and services from our clients. This meant that they were able to make payroll, grow their workforce and pay their loans which helps banks to lend to new and existing businesses.

After 64 weeks of remote working, we were reunited at 2005 Francis Street in early June. While some workflows are adjusted, most are back to our new normal thanks to vaccines and continued vigilance to mask-wearing, hand washing and social distancing.

Regardless of where we called our offices in 2021, FOX8 remained highly focused on our promise to help our communities.

We helped to amplify the work of JDRF,, Special OlympicsALSSecond Harvest Food BankBrenner Children’s Hospital, Philanthropy Day and the Salvation Army.

Events such as the Community Baby ShowerGive a Kid a CoatGift for Kids and the FOX8/Old Dominion Holiday Concerts raise literally millions of dollars for our neighbors in our community.

As we look towards 2022 and beyond, we are all excited about the arrival of Toyota and Boom to the Triad. The addition of thousands of jobs and the influx of new residents gives great promise to the future of our children and growth of our local business community. What happened this week will have a profound impact on the next 50 years in the Triad.

Come home safely and we have much to be proud of and thankful for this year.

Love, Dad

— Jim Himes, general manager