GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan hopes to hold her seat against challenger and city council member Justin Outling.

Local businessman Eric Robert and former judge Mark Cummings had tossed their names in the ring but lost their spots in the race during the primary election. Vaughan and Outling, the top two vote-getters in the primary, are moving on to the Municipal Election set for July 26.

This election was supposed to be staged last year in the 4-year rotation for the county-wide mayor’s race and the district and at-large races to serve on the City Council. But delays in the execution of the U.S. Census, caused first by politics and then by the COVID-19 pandemic, delayed the release of population counts until early fall. That meant that the figures required to set the lines for the voting districts for some seats on the council weren’t in hand in time to vote last November.

The City Council considered conducting its at-large voting—mayor and two seats—last fall and then the five district seats this year, but ultimately the races were kept on the same calendar, which means the Municipal Election will be July 26.

Nancy Vaughan vs. Justin Outling

Since 2013, Nancy Vaughan has been the face of Greensboro, its mayor through the onslaughts of economic swings, political attacks and ultimately a pandemic.

But now a man who served the past seven of those years beside her wants her job. Justin Outling, the representative of District 3 on the Greensboro City Council since 2015, will face Vaughan on July 26 to see who will run the city at least until 2025.

4 Primary Candidates

Before the primary election narrowed the field to Vaughan and Outling, we sent a survey to the four primary candidates — Cummings, Outling, Robert and Vaughan — to let them say for themselves what makes them the best candidate and how they would steer Greensboro into the future.

Also, check out the video profiles of each of the four primary candidates.

Greensboro Mayoral Candidates

Nancy Vaughan – Greensboro Mayoral Candidate

Justin Outling – Greensboro Mayoral Candidate

Mark Cummings — Greensboro Mayoral Candidate

Eric Robert — Greensboro Mayoral Candidate

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