Woman writes book to spread message of love, curb bullying

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — We hear about it often in the news, students depressed even suicidal because of bullying.

Dr. Cynthia Hunter hopes that by spreading a message of love and respect early, schools can become safer places.

Hunter is the author of the book “Everybody Loves Sebastian, The Dog with Angel Wings.”

She says she was bullied as a child and even as an adult.

That situation in adulthood left her homeless.

Hunter started writing from the pain and developed a story that teaches children kindness.

“If you spend more time on the positive, things that you really want to do, you won’t have time for the negative,” she said.

In the book, Sebastian becomes the center of a surprising connection between the story’s main character, Brianna, and the boy bullying her, Buddy.

“This is a movement to me because I want children to know to love because you never know who may have to come to your rescue some day. You might have to be the one to go to rescue the bully,” she said.

When Hunter read her book to students at Brightwood Elementary, she encouraged them not to be mean even toward people who may have hurt them.

“My message is love, just love each other,” she said.

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