Woman leads group that makes bows for newborns at Women’s Hospital

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — When families welcome a baby at Women’s Hospital, they’re given a gift that’s usually hanging outside their door.

It gets there thanks to the work of some outstanding volunteers, including one who is best known as “The Bow Boss.”

“I was dubbed that and they tease me about it, but you know, that’s OK,” Carolyn Campbell said.

Campbell has been a volunteer at Women’s Hospital for about 24 years.

She leads the group that makes decorative blue and pink bows for the newborn babies.

“The big bows are for our full-term babies and the small bows are for our little NICU babies. We try to cover everyone, so no one feels left out,” she said.

At one time, the bows were sold in the gift shop. They are now provided at no cost.

The volunteers try to make between 80 to 100 bows a week.

Some weeks can be busy.

Recently, more than 20 babies were born in one day.

Campbell enjoys the work that she does, especially because it’s appreciated by the families.

“If it brings a smile to your face, it’s worth it,” she said.

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