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ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — She has the kind of social media footprint influencers crave.

Yet somehow, Asheboro’s Jen Hamilton has managed to garner more than a million followers on TikTok by posting the not-so glamourous, mundane, and exhausting side of motherhood.

“I have felt that sense of guilt if I’m not able to be that perfect Instagram mom, and so if no one else was going to show how it really is, I was going to show it,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton’s vulnerabilities are on full display.

Perhaps that’s why it was easy for her to notice another mom’s post in a social media group.

That post anonymously shared that she was suffering from post-partum depression and was overwhelmed by the needs of her house.

She was reaching out for cleaning company recommendations, but Hamilton had another idea.

“I made a separate post in that group saying, ‘Would there be anyone willing to come with me?’ Let’s find out who this girl is and let’s go rescue her. Let’s just dig her out from her funk because we’ve all been there,” she said.

Eight to nine women including Hamilton showed up to the stranger’s house to clean it from top to bottom.

That would be the beginning of Hot Mess Express – a group of women who volunteer to relieve moms of the pressure that can come with juggling multiple responsibilities including housework.

Brittinie Tran and Kim Wicker were part of the initial group of volunteers.

They now serve as the group’s “chaos coordinators.”

They review nominations and plan the monthly Wednesday and Saturday rescue missions.

“We all get it. We know how it is and we know how things can kind of pile up,” Tran said.

“It’s just more than going in and cleaning a house. I feel like we’re providing this community of moms friends. Moms lack friends,” Wicker said.

Hot Mess Express has since expanded to more than 186 chapters across the United States.

It’s a sisterhood of women reminding each other it’s ok to reach out for help – judgment-free.