Randolph County deputy inspires others with bravery, honesty

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A Randolph County sheriff’s deputy is inspiring people with her bravery and honesty.

In a Nov. 18 social media post that was shared on the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Deputy Sanchez opened up about how a challenging childhood launched a career in law enforcement.

“My mother escaped domestic violence, so it’s just something that I’ve been around my whole childhood, and I saw how officers impacted my mother’s life and I wanted to be an impact to somebody else,” she said.

Sanchez says the violence she witnessed was related to her father’s alcoholism.

“I remember leaving in the middle of the night in a Greyhound bus with three suitcases with no money basically, escaping my dad. I know that sounds really harsh and really crazy, but a lot of people go through stuff like that and I didn’t realize it [until] I started working,” she said.

Part of why Deputy Sanchez decided to share her story is because she wants to “humanize the badge.”

“I’ve seen so much negativity towards law enforcement. I don’t think people realize we’re human. We go through the same struggles,” she said.

The deputy’s challenging upbringing didn’t stop her from pursuing a better future.

In her post, she talks about understanding what it’s like to come from nothing and to work hard waiting tables and going to school.

She learned not to be ashamed of her story and uses it to show others that even a painful past can serve a great purpose.

“You don’t really expect to make an impact in somebody’s life, but when you see it and hear it, it’s really awesome.”

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