MEBANE, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s a celebration of community and culture. The ladies of PG Express Trail Riding Club are proud cowgirls.

Their group is based in Mebane, but their adventures take them all over.

“You can go on a trail ride every weekend. There’s trail ride clubs up and down the east coast. We’ve been as far as New York, and that was quite an experience,” Jean Woods said.

“Everybody out there is one big family,” Berenda Slade said.

It’s a time to enjoy nature’s beauty and the beauty of being together with anywhere from a few people to a few hundred people.

“Just being stress-free for a little while,” Fayedra Lee said.

Being part of a predominately African American group allows them to preserve and share a part of history.

“A lot of times you’re the odd man out if you’re doing horseback riding camp…and you might be the only person of color, but it was amazing for me to come and see [an] all-Black trail ride,” Darrelle Green said.

“I attended an HBCU. And even in an HBCU, there’s not enough material, education, on the fact that this is not new. This has been in our culture since we have been in this country. We’ve had horses. We have been horsemen, and we are still here, so I think it’s extremely important that it be passed down,” Anaya Daffe said.

PG Express holds its annual ride during the first weekend in April.

There are also other rides in our region.

Search “East Coast Trail Ride Association” on Facebook for the 2022 schedule.