Local woman starts self-care meetup for women

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Carina Cole is no longer ashamed of being selfish.

"I've always been able to be a good mom, be a good daughter, be a good friend, but I didn't know how to be good to me," Cole said.

Cole, a peer support specialist, WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) facilitator, and mental health advocate, is transparent about her struggle with anxiety and depression.

She says when she started working with a counselor, she learned the necessary tools to keep her life in balance, including understanding how to put her needs first.

"You have to be able to tell people this is my time. I've scheduled time for me,” Cole said.

Cole recently started a bi-monthly self-care meetup for women called Coffee, Chat, and Chills.

The women encourage each other by being transparent about their situations.

Cole says she is in a much better place compared to when she started her journey seven years ago but also says prioritizing her needs still takes work.

The difference today is – she doesn’t feel guilty about it.

“It's made me a better me. I'm selfish now,” she said. “Our communities, we're taught to be selfless. I've learned to be selfish with me.”

To learn more about Coffee, Chat, and Chills, which is a free event, visit the registration page on Cole’s website.

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