LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Keri Warren’s store, Kickin Creations, has only been open for a few weeks, yet word of mouth is spreading fast.

Her Uptown Lexington business operates under a model with benefits all the way around.

Customers can purchase items created by North Carolina artisans and ultimately help them gain more exposure.

“Give back to people that are local and help them make new connections. That’s definitely something that is beneficial for me,” Warren said.

Some of the products in her store include clothing, jewelry, woodwork, glasswork, paintings, sauces and spices.

Warren’s own paintings are available for purchase in the store.

She gained a greater appreciation for art while she was competing as a bodybuilder. She started painting to relieve stress ahead of a competition.

“The last few weeks are really, really tough for anybody, especially mentally,” Warren said. “I did that, and I was like, ‘I’m actually pretty good at this. Maybe I should try doing more.’”

She went on to teach art classes to children at her church and most recently opened Kickin Creations.

“It’s very scary [because] I was in a corporate job that I had been doing for almost 15 years. Sitting down at a desk just isn’t me,” she said.

She’s excited to work with local artisans and watch a new picture in her life take shape.

Kickin Creations is located at 100 South Main Street in Lexington.

If you’re interested in having your items sold at Kickin Creations, you can stop by the store for Warren to view your work.