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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Erma Griffin has volunteered at Greensboro Urban Ministry for more than 30 years.

Her service has encouraged people who are overcoming hunger and homelessness.

“I believe at night they cry because they’re lost. They don’t know what to do. But then when they come here, there’s love for them. There’s a clean bed. There is food to bring out to put on their table for them, and they grow,” Griffin said.

Griffin enjoys working in the kitchen — serving a word of encouragement with a filling meal.

She still remembers how much that meant to one young man.

“He walked over to me, and he looked at me, and he asked me, ‘Can I now have another piece of bread?’”

“That touched my heart very, very much, and I said to him, ‘Come, I will give you as many pieces of bread that you like,’” Griffin said.

She takes her work seriously and knows that her greatest assignment is to show kindness and compassion.

“That is what we all should be doing, showing love to one another. No matter where you come from, what color you are, it means a lot when you know that there are people that are still going to love you or even give you a hug,” Griffin said.