‘Birthing Movement’ helps inspire local women

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — The Student Success coaches at High Point University take their seats around the library table. In their hands you won’t find books or folders. Instead there are scissors, tape, shining paper, a box and a bow. One adviser then leans in toward the other one.

“Maybe it would be easier if I cut so we can work as a team,” she says.

The ladies quickly begin to understand that this is a team-building exercise. The box placed in the middle of the table can’t be wrapped unless everyone steps up and does their part.

“I think if we set our minds to it, we can do it,” explained one of the participants Giselle Mansi.

That’s the type of energy that group facilitator Na’tosha Brooks wants to deliver. Brooks and her co-founder Shayla Hilton are life coaches. They want people, especially women, to realize their potential and make their goals real. Brooks calls their style of coaching, “The Birthing Movement.”

“So we come along and we like to say, ‘We help people plan, push and produce their purpose’,” Brooks said.

Through creative workshops, the ladies develop pathways that will lead to success. And they celebrate those achievements with one another.

“It’s just the small incremental steps,” Brooks said. “You celebrate every single milestone and before you know it, you made so much movement and progression.”

Hilah Cook is another group participant. She appreciates the support of “The Birthing Movement.”

“She really works with her clients and reaches out to them and talks to them so she can provide the encouragement that they need,” Cook said.

With a little bit of encouragement, these women can do a lot.

“And to let them know what they are carrying, the world is waiting on,” Brooks said. “No matter how small they believe it to be, just birth it out.”

To schedule a session or attend one of “The Birthing Movement” events, check out their website.

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