There are a lot of different ways journalists come up with their story ideas. Perhaps it comes in the form of a tip from a viewer or a news release from a local organization. Sometimes we have a personal connection to the idea. That was certainly the case for me when I decided to research a story on the COVID-19 vaccine and its potential effects on fertility.

When my husband and I received our first COVID-19 vaccines in early March, we were eager to get back to some semblance of normalcy. I was most excited to finally hug my high-risk family members again! I will admit that we never considered how the shots might impact our ability to grow our family.

A couple months later, we received the best news! If you’re a regular FOX8 viewer or follow me on Facebook, you probably know by now that my husband and I are expecting a baby in late December (our THIRD girl, in case you’re wondering. I’m finally letting myself buy all things pink for our oldest knowing only girls are next in line for her hand-me-downs!).

It wasn’t until months later through conversations with friends and family that I learned fertility is one of the big reasons people are so reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine. So I wanted to know: were my husband and I just two of the lucky ones?

I reached out to the communications team at Cone Health and they put me in touch with Dr. Carolyn Harraway-Smith, chief medical officer for Women’s Health at Cone and a practicing OBYGN. She walked me through what the research shows so far and explained where this fertility concern even comes from.

— Katie Nordeen

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