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(WGHP) — Fostering and adopting is a big decision.

The Matsiks say they were on the same page when they decided that it was something they wanted to do, after watching something about Forever Family. They were both already retired, so they knew they had the time to invest in a special kid.

They met Marie on a Friday and she’s been with them ever since; two years later.

“Before I met them, I had it hard. I was failing out of school,” Marie said.Being taken from her parents had been hard on her. “I was just a really tough time,” she said.

The Matsiks sat up many long nights just talking, making it through with Marie. Now, legally adopted, she has found a place that she fits in. She’s improved in school and made more friends.

Linda Matsik says that having a teenager around is fun and helps them with technology, and John says they get to go to places they wouldn’t have gone on their own.

Being retired means they have the time to invest in their family. “You have more patience when you’re older. Your house is empty. We have a lot of time we can spend with Marie, too,” Linda Matsik says.

“She just filled a void,” John says. “It’s like we’ve had her 16 years.”

You can learn more about adopting by contacting Forever Family in partnership with Seven Homes Family Foster Care.