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Tianza is looking for her Forever Family.

“I am in middle school now. I still play basketball. I talk a lot, and I am really funny. Math and science are my favorite subjects. At school, I made a lot of friends. It is easy for me to make friends,” she said.

Teryl Bowen, a child advocate, says Tianza is friendly and has a great personality.

“When I grow up, I want to be in the Army. I would like to join the Army because they help the country, and they fight for us, and they are very serious about what they do,” Tianza said.

“She is just a neat all-around kid who just really deserves a chance to be with a loving and wonderful family,” Bowen said.

“I want a family that is like an active family. They are nice. They do a lot of activities, and they are really nice and kind and respectful. I would like to have a younger brother and sister,” Tianza said.

“She has so much love to give…I think that would be the most important thing, just a lot of love to give to a family.” Bowen said.

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