North Carolina couple creates big, happy family with 7 adoptive children

Forever Family

During times of uncertainty, having a family to rely on is more important than ever.

And that’s something the Gann family has provided to not one but seven North Carolina children who were once living in foster care.

“We adopted our older three first,” Laura said.

“The younger children we first received a call, we were told about Harmony and Kayten,” Darren said. “And so, our social worker at that time from Seven Homes came to our home and found out that there was one more. Maybe three to four-month in the process, we learned about Lexi. They all came into care together but ended up in a separate plan because of her medical needs.”

They say they were still fostering, so at that time, the plan was to work to reunite the children with their families and did sibling visits.

“Seeing how much her siblings loved her, was no question to us when everything was finalized that, yes, she needs to be part of our family,” they said.

Darren says Lexi is resilient. “Every day, I can see a change in something, she is able to support herself better,” Darren said. “Her laughter is amazing, just to hear her laugh, like, with her brothers and sisters.”

The Ganns say that they believe God puts the people in your life that you need.

“God doesn’t call the equipped; he equips the called,” Darren said.

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