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(WGHP) — The beautiful, warm weather has everyone thinking about summer.

Spending time outdoors is great for people of all ages, but especially seniors. But before taking advantage of the springtime weather, there are precautions that older adults should consider!

Stay hydrated

Keep a bottle of water with you when you’re out and about. Coffee and tea can dehydrate you more quickly, so stick to water on a day you’re going to be out in the sun a lot.

In addition to drinking plenty of water, stick to lighter foods, but make sure to eat enough so that you have energy for the day.

Keep an eye on the forecast

Loose-fitting, lightweight clothes work best in the summer heat. Light colors also reflect the sun and instead of absorbing it as darker colors will. Know how hot it’ll get before you go out, and make sure that you have an umbrella if there’s a chance for rain.

Stay cool

Too much summer heat can really ruin outdoor fun. Wear sunscreen and try to find a shady place to take a break if you’re on a hike or a long walk. The evenings or the mornings are a great time to go exploring, since the sun is a little less aggressive.

Heat exhaustion is a serious concern, so don’t spend too long in direct sunlight.

Know your prescriptions

Some medications can cause increased sensitivity to the sun. Doublecheck that or call your doctor if you worry it might be an issue before you plan big trips outdoors.

Know the signs

Heat-related illnesses are a serious concern. The signs can range from disorientation to a headache or a rapid pulse. Heat stroke, dehydration and heat exhaustion can be very dangerous.

If you find yourself overheating, pat yourself down with a wet or damp towel wrapped around some ice cubes.

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