(WGHP) — Prepare for a bumpy tax season ahead.

Millions of people are still waiting for refund checks from previous returns, even as they prepare for this year’s tax season.

There are things you can do to help smooth out the process so that you don’t delay your own return.

Senior Advisor Linda Pritchett has the five mistakes you want to avoid this tax season:

  • Filing a paper return. Filing electronically is easier to process, easier to correct and will always result in a faster return.
  • Forgetting to sign your return. The biggest mistake a person filing a paper return will make is not signing in all of the required places. Double and triple check your forms before you mail them.
  • Incorrectly reporting stimulus payments.
  • Not waiting for all of your tax forms from your jobs, insurance and other relevant institutions. Don’t rush to file if you don’t have all your paperwork, you’ll end up having to amend things and that will delay the process.
  • Sending your return to the wrong place.

Being thorough as you file your taxes is important to avoid unnecessary delays, especially in a uniquely busy tax season.

If you have more questions, you can contact Linda Pritchett at (336) 292-3875 or visit her website here.