Small Business Spotlight: Triad Meat Company

Small Business Spotlight
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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Sally Stevens wasn’t sure where she’d go with her life, but taking over her mother’s butcher shop wasn’t on the short list.

Then tragedy struck. As she and her mother drove home from Triad Meat Company, one night someone ran a stop sign and hit her mother as Sally watched from the car behind her.  

Ann Fields died instantly. She was only 41.

That meant Sally had to take on her mother’s role at the store. She was 19 but was already a veteran, having helped out for five years.

“I have worked every end of it from the back to being the janitor. The trash lady to waiting on the customers to making sure the products are here,” Sally said. 

One thing the company has always emphasized is treated everyone who walks through their door like family.

“When they walk through the door, we know who they are 9 times out of ten, especially our regular customers,” Sally said. “We’re here to give them service of what their needs are. This is not a one-size-fits-all store. So in other words, if you’re a family of two and you require smaller cuts and smaller packaging needs, that’s what we’re going to do…it’s all about customizing and letting them be an individual when they come in our store.”

Of course, they’ve never had to make sure they could serve those customers through anything quite like the coronavirus pandemic.  They survived 9/11 and the Great Recession of 2008. 

“That was a completely different,” Sally said.  “I think with both of them because markets were crashing in a way that folks weren’t under this pressure of we’re not going to be able to get food.”

They can get it at Triad Meat Company.  They have always had plenty of fresh beef, chicken and pork, even when the big chains ran out.

“Folks have found out all the way to Virginia that this store in Greensboro has meat, and they’re still open,” Sally said. “We are still fully-stocked with all cuts of beef, pork and chicken. From ground beef to steaks. Anything you’re looking for. We’ve not been out of product at all during this 9-week process.”

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