Small Business Spotlight: The Next 56 Days

Small Business Spotlight

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — It was not what Steve Teglas expected to hear at his annual check-up a few years ago.

“The lab work came back and it was high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the doctor started talking to me about being pre-diabetic,” Teglas said.

He was just 28-years-old at the time.

So, he began to research what he should eat and why and discovered there were some basics to good health: regulating your blood sugar, ridding your body of toxins and reducing inflammation so your body can begin to reduce its fat levels.

He did this while still working full time at Ruby Tuesday in Thomasville. Word began to get around about what he had learned, so people would come into the restaurant and they didn’t know his name, “And they would say, ‘Hey, can I sit in that food guy’s section?’”

That prompted Steve and his best friend, Carrie Hicks, whom he met at an exercise class at the local Y, to have a class on all they knew. It happened to last eight weeks – 56 days – and a new business was born.

They now have a place on Salem Street in Thomasville and they’ve moved it online during the COVID-19 shutdown.

“We are an 8-week course, people can enroll on the Facebook page,” Teglas about his page, Steve the Food Guy. “And we teach in online classrooms. We have a Tuesday at 6:15, we have a Friday at noon and a Saturday at 9:15 a.m.”

To help people in these tough times, Teglas and Hicks have a promo in which you can save $60 on their program, with the promo code NEW256.

You’ll learn certain basics there, of course.

“I do not believe in certain artificial sweeteners, I do not believe in diet sodas,” Teglas said about a common mistake people make in their nutrition. “The average American is consuming 200 grams of added, refined sugar by noon, every day of their life.”

But you’ll also learn why it is often difficult for people to lose weight long-term.

“It’s not the body that’s getting sick, it’s your cells that are getting sick so we need to heal, repair, restore at that cellular level,” Teglas said.

And you’ll learn how it all comes together.

“I think people think that exercise compensates an unhealthy lifestyle – meaning, I can eat more, do more, go excessive and as long as I exercise, I’m going to be OK and it just doesn’t work that way,” Teglas said.

He’s even developed a relationship with the queen of butter, Paula Deen, when he called to ask a question about one of the devices she sells.

“I didn’t expect Paula Deen to answer and she did, so we got to chatting and, since then, we’ve become pretty good friends. I’m teaching her how to air-fry chicken,” Teglas said.

See more about what’s behind “The Next 56 Days” in this Small Business Spotlight.

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