Small Business Spotlight: Social Distance Floor Decals

Small Business Spotlight
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As any investor will tell you, “Getting in on the ground floor,” is typically a good business strategy.

But what if, “the ground floor,” was your business? Well, not the floor itself, but important things that go on it.

That’s the idea Mike Hall took to his longtime friend and collaborator, Rob Ainbinder, a few week ago.

“We just kind of went into it, full steam. There wasn’t much discussion. It was, ‘Rob, I’ve got this idea, what do you think about it?’ And the next day, Rob was like, ‘Let’s do it,’” Mike says.

“It,” was making custom social-distancing floor decals for businesses.

“Customization is a huge selling point,” Rob says. “We’ve served even a church with a custom sticker.”

​It may seem like simply a short-term idea but, “When you’re creating a company, you’re looking for the longevity of it,” says Rob. “I think for the next two years, this is going to be a viable product.”

There is plenty of room in this industry for what they’re doing.

“I knew people were doing it but I knew there would be plenty of demand,” says Rob.

And they believe it’s a product that is going to outlast the pandemic. See their creations in this edition of the Small Business Spotlight.

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