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Small Business Spotlight: Simple Kneads bakery

Small Business Spotlight
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BURLINGTON, N.C. — Back to the basics in baking bread.

A Burlington bakery may only have less than 30 employees, but they’re breaking barriers for many people who have dietary restrictions.

“When my son, Shiloh, was two years old, we discovered he was gluten intolerant. We looked at the market to find what substitutes there were,” said Tristaun LeClaire.

But he didn’t like the ingredients he saw in food on store shelves.

“Everything either had eggs or it wasn’t whole foods, and it was made from processed starches,” explained LeClaire.

So, he started researching, knowing that they needed something new.

“I went to town studying cultures from around the world and looking at ancient grains that made the foundation of their bread staples,” said LeClaire.

He started experimenting in his own kitchen.

“I began originally making it in my home for my family and from there, I started sharing it with some other gluten-free friends and family,” said LeClaire.

It soon became a business, called Simple Kneads.

LeClaire moved his family from Oregon to Burlington, to help the business take off.

Now, everything is done in this small building off of I-85, with the goal of sharing good, gluten-free bread.

“We’re bring bread back to the table of people who’ve been without bread,” he said.

There are three flavors available: sourdough, quinoa power grains, and pumpernickel.

The breads can be found in some locally-owned grocery stores.

“When we came across Simple Kneads, we found it to be by far the best gluten free bread on the market. And that it is local, met one of our highest standards for purchasing,” said Jeff Barney, the owner of Saxapahaw General Store.

As fast as Barney stocks his shelves with the bread, it sells out.

“It’s gotten more popular as the word has gotten out,” he explained. “It’s a bread you can enjoy, whether you’re gluten-free adherent or not.”

His family enjoys the bread as well.

For LeClaire, it’s about making a difference, one slice of bread at a time.

“I believe in God and he led me down this path to develop this product to fill the need of my own family and to even share it,” he said. “People write to us and say, ‘you changed our lives eating this product,’ and I’m in tears.”

Simple Kneads also offers delivery. They will bake your order fresh daily.

To place an order, head to their website.

Local Whole Foods also carries the bread.

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