Small Business Spotlight: Oh Goodness Bakery

Small Business Spotlight

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The COVID-19 pandemic has been a disaster for many businesses and you would think it would be a terrible time to start a new one, but a Greensboro family sees an opportunity.

The Oh Goodness Bakery, located on South Elm Street, will specialize in low-carb and gluten-free goodies like muffins, cakes, cookies and even candy.

Shayna Wesselink says about five years ago they started on their ketogenic and gluten-free diet journey.

“And what we realized pretty quickly is that there weren’t a whole lot of resources for people who were eating that way, especially for baked goods. And I love my sweets, I’m all about cakes and breads and all the goodness. So, I realized if I wanted those things for myself and for our family. I was going to have to learn how to make them,” Wesselink said.

Through trial and error, she figured it out and her baked goods were a hit with friends and family. So much so they started selling them wholesale to area stores and restaurants.

Now they’ve taken the business to another level by opening up a retail bakery in a building on South Elm Street.

Wesselink says she knows it seems crazy time to open a business.

“We just decided that in a time where a lot of businesses were shutting down or scaling back, that it just seems like the right time and the right opportunity to give this a try. So we are really excited to be downtown, and to hopefully fill this need that’s there,” Wesselink said.

Her husband Jesse says for them the timing was right despite the economic climate.

“There’s probably lots of things we are not expecting that we’re going to run into the best part of the adventure, you know, you get to try something new, we’re at a phase of life where instead of maybe going out and buying a Corvette, we’re going to start a bakery, you know, it’s our midlife crisis,” he said.

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