Small Business Spotlight: Mozzarella Fellas

Small Business Spotlight

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Whether it’s preparing traditional Italian meals or salads, Brian Ricciardi and his team at Mozzarella Fellas are always busy in the kitchen.

“We try not to be where you are seeing the same things over and over,” Ricciardi said. “So we did some unique things and people were receptive to it and we had a great following.”

Ricciardi opened Mozzarella Fellas four years ago. The Winston-Salem business is doing well, even during the pandemic.

“Seeing customers appreciate you and what you do and what you bring to the neighborhood, they really showed up when you needed them,” Ricciardi said.

Ricciardi needs those customers to continue to show up. Dairy, eggs, and meat products are now gone.

“The easiest way I can explain it because a lot of people get vegetarian confused with vegan,” Ricciardi said. “Vegan is nothing that has a mother. I love using that. That’s the easiest way for that to make sense.”

Mozzarella Fellas Italian menu now includes tasty items like soy chicken, buffalo fried cauliflower, and other 100 percent plant-based ingredients. The menu change is something Ricciardi has been looking forward to.

“I don’t believe in treating anyone poorly, be that another human being or animal. This is me. This is who I am every day,” Ricciardi said

Ricciardi said it’s too early to say if there is a “most popular” item on the all-vegan menu because he made the menu switch in June. But it looks like the buffalo fried cauliflower is a hit.

Mozzarella Fellas menu change is gaining national attention. The Winston-Salem restaurant appeared in VegNews magazine and PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, presented the small business with an award.

“I think it’s awesome,” Ricciardi said. “I really appreciate it, someone so big recognizing what we are doing. We are just a little place in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.”

Mozzarella Fellas is open Thursday through Sunday. Strong take-out sales are helping to make up for the closed dining room and shorter business week.

If you want to give the 100 percent vegan menu a try, Mozzarella Fellas is at 336 Summit Square Boulevard in Winston-Salem. You can go to to place an order or call (336) 377-7179.

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