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Small Business Spotlight: Michael Lynn Farm in Archdale

Small Business Spotlight
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ARCHDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — Michael Lynn Farm in Archdale is known for growing acres and acres of hay for horses. 

This year, Rob Campbell is trying something new on the farm. While he is still growing hay, he is now also welcoming two legged customers.

“There’s only two things you need to remember today,” Campbell said as a family walked up to the table filled with baskets. “The redder the fruit, the sweeter the berry. And the smaller the fruit, the more you can fit in your bucket.”

Campbell is now a first-time strawberry grower.

“We are very excited. We kind of jumped into the water to sink or swim, and we lucked out,” said Campbell. “Our berries are putting out a tremendous amount of fruit.”

There’s so much fruit on the one-acre tract, it caught Campbell off guard.

“To be honest, when they first started putting out flowers, I didn’t know if they would turn into fruit, and 14 days later we picked 21 gallons,” he said.

Rob decided to give strawberries his full attention after a series of COVID related furloughs. So far, the move is paying off. He owes his good start to research and advice from other local strawberry growers. 

Some of his best suggestions came from a trusted source.

“We had the pastor and his wife help us plant, and she sang to them while she planted them. I’ve told her she needs to come back and sing to every crop I put in the ground because it’s really taken off,” Campbell said.

Michael Lynn Farm should have enough strawberries through the month of June. But Campbell is already thinking about next season.

“We are working to get our veteran owned small business certification. We want to work with the local grocery stores, and a lot of them want you certified through the Small Business Administration,” he said.

Campbell is still learning a lot about growing and selling strawberries. 

His first lesson was how important it is to hire help early. But the extra berries in the field means there’s more for you to pick. 

Michael Lynn Farm is located at 5818 Poole Road right off of Interstate 74 in Archdale.

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