Small Business Spotlight: Little Light bread & Soup Co. in Greensboro

Small Business Spotlight

Greensboro, N.C. – Caitlin Ryan is a recovering addict.

She has experienced lows in her life but says hope got her through.

These days she is using food to keep others going. Caitlin made soup and bread in her home until the need grew along with the pot on her stove.

“I started doing like 60 quarts of soup a week and broke the electric coil on my stove because my pot was too heavy, so we were like ‘we got to get out of the home situation,’” Ryan said.

She and her life and business partner, Lexi, opened Little Light Bread and Soup Company on Yanceyville Street in Greensboro

“We do everything from scratch. Mostly Italian food, but we have standard lunch staples and brunch as well,” Ryan said.

Cooking is something she loves to do whether she’s creating a new dish or just making bread.

“We have fresh gnocchi with mushroom Gorgonzola sauce. We have a real signature dish for the fall. It is a steak hot and cold salad with mashed butternut squash and Brussels sprouts,“ Ryan said.

At Little Light Bread and Soup Company, the menu has prices, but you have the option to pay what you can.

“Everyone deserves a hot meal…nutritious meal. A cost-effective meal. And everyone deserves a nice place to sit and eat,” Ryan said.

She built her business on the truths and principles she learned while recovering from addiction.

“The moral of the story for me is, as someone in recovery, it is my duty and privilege to give back as frequently and as generously as I possibly can because that’s what other people did for me and how I stayed alive and got here,” Ryan said.

The location of the restaurant turned out to be a good fit for the community.

“There are people here who are kind of our shopping center occupants, and the people who hang out here and some of the people who live around here do have a need. We were noticing a lot of our friends and our neighbors were having trouble feeding themselves,” Ryan said.

When you dine at Little Light Bread and Soup Company, you have a chance to pay it forward.

“There’s always the option to give a little bit more than your meal cost. We have a jar of little paper stars in it. For every meal that is bought for someone else, we put a star in the jar. And when someone comes in and needs a meal, we take one out,” Ryan said.

Little Light Bread and Soup Company is holding a fall harvest tasting dinner at 6:30 p.m. on October 16.

It will feature 20+ courses highlighting the seasonal ingredients of the Piedmont-Triad through the cuisine of provincial Italy.

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday. You can check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

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