Small Business Spotlight: Joe’s Tractor Sales

Small Business Spotlight

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — When Joe Moore opened Joe’s Tractor Sales in Thomasville in 1949, it was a decidedly local business. To some degree, it still is.

“The big bulk of them is probably 50 to 75 miles,” said Joe’s son, Joey who along with his wife, Gale took over in 1981 and have been running the business every since, recently along with their daughter, Amanda.

But the customers have begun to spread out across the country.

“We have people from down on the coast up here, regularly,” Joe said.  “Virginia, South Carolina come up here. We’ve sold stuff in all 50 states of the United States and shipped stuff to numerous countries throughout the world.”

They were hit fairly hard during the recession in 2007 but seem to be making it through better this time.

They are doing what they can to keep all their customers rolling along as well even if it’s just being neighborly.

“Just keep our chins up and look forward to when this thing’s over,” Joey said.
“And be kind to each other,” Gale said.  “Your business is your baby, and if you’re not there, nobody is going to take care of your business like you will.”
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