Small Business Spotlight: Carolina Pondscapes

Small Business Spotlight

Constructing something that looks like you never touched it – looks like only Mother Nature had a hand in creating it – takes some real talent.

For 21 years now, that’s what Alan and Sherry Koontz have been doing with their water features with their company, Carolina Pondscapes.

“I just started putting my hands in it, getting better and better and, after 21 years, we’ve been very successful with it,” Alan said.

They met at Thomasville High School and, afterward, both did stints in the Army. Alan spent eight years and rose to the rank of sergeant. Sherry did 13 and rose a bit higher, to staff sergeant.

They are married in life and professionally. Alan is self-taught with the construction of the water features and Sherry has a degree in horticulture.

“I do the initial construction and get it to looking the way I want it to and then she comes in after I’m done and does the planting and brings – our motto – bringing you landscape to life,” Alan said.

When you work hard to create something, you’d think you would want to put your “signature” on it. But the Koontz are hoping it looks like it’s been there for a hundred years.

“We try to imitate Mother Nature,” Alan said. “She (Mother Nature) wants everything natural-looking.”

To do that takes a lot of attention to every aspect of the project.

“It’s all about the details with this and I think that’s we have been successful,” Sherry said.

And, being in the construction business, Carolina Pondscapes was deemed “essential” at the beginning of the statewide shutdown.

“You can see, we’re not in contact with anybody,” Sherry said. “We come to the house, we do what we do and then we leave.”

See some of the artistic work they do in this Small Business Spotlight.

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