Small Business Spotlight: Cafe Pasta

Small Business Spotlight

GREENSBORO, N.C. — This time of year family and friends would be preparing to gather around a table at home or in a restaurant to celebrate the holidays.

COVID-19 changed those plans forcing you to make tough choices on how to celebrate and local restaurants like Café Pasta are losing a lot of your business.

Since the mid-80s, Café Pasta has been a home away from home for diners.

The restaurant on State Street in Greensboro is known for its Italian dishes, Salsicca, Linguine Rustica and Spaghetti Bolognese.

The chefs are also open to creating you a personalized dish that pleases your palate.

“Well, we try to put a little love ingredients to each one because everybody’s different, everybody’s the food critic so everybody’s taste is different. That’s the reason we tell them if you like a little spicy we will do it the way you want us to do it,” said Ray Essa, owner of Café Pasta.

Essa’s had to do more than just mix up different ingredients for customers, he also adjusted his business model after seeing fewer people in his dining room.

“We had to start doing more of the curbside and catering’s and deliveries,” Essa said.

At Christmas time, private parties usually fill every floor of his four story building, but not this year.

“We used to do Christmas parties on each floor we have four different levels. You can do private parties at there is no charge in any of our banquet rooms and so people having great times on their Christmas parties we miss that,” Essa said.

A void in a place where people matter and it’s not just the ones being served.

“The only thing I can say that’s better than the food is probably the staff. It’s worth the price of admission. Ray is in one word authentic,” said Charlie Spratt, a loyal customer.

As we get ready to cheer to the new year, Essa is counting on his loyal customers coming back.

“Hopefully next year people will return. We just hope that they don’t forget about us and feel safe to come out and have a great time,” Essa said.

“It’s the best food in Greensboro,” Spratt said.

Essa tells FOX8 even though business is different, he has lowered his prices on curbside family specials because he knows people in the community are struggling too and he wants to support them.

Café Pasta is located at 305 State St. in Greensboro.

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