Small Business Spotlight: Blend Juice Boutique

Small Business Spotlight
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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Local businesses need you now more than ever.

Even with loans and grants, some owners are struggling to stay afloat. FOX8’s Lindsay Tuman shares one woman’s struggle after a move to a better location backfired because of the pandemic. 

Y.C. Brodie knows how to stand out, and she created a juice bar that stands out, too. The Blend Juice Boutique serves coffee, desserts and food items loaded with avocado.

“When this came about in High Point, it felt like…this is perfect. This is great timing. Everything is lining up just the way we wanted,” Broadie said.

She moved to a location on NC highway 68 South in March after closing her Burlington store two years ago. She wanted to be closer to the college crowds in Guilford County so students have a place to study and meet friends. But her timing wasn’t the best.

“I get a notice, a phone call that says the governor just announced an executive shutdown,” Broadie said.

It was a squeeze she wasn’t expecting.

“But it got worse. It got worse. But here’s PPP, and all these things where the government is like ‘we have your backs small businesses, we’re gonna make sure you keep your doors open,’” Broadie said.

This owner did not qualify for the government’s financial help.

“I’m not eligible because I just opened in March. You have to at least be open by Feb. 15 of 2020,” she said.

CARES funding from Guilford County was not an option either because Blend Juice Boutique opened after Oct. 1, 2019.

“It was just like if this isn’t saying ‘girl, get your pocketbook and go back home and never come back,’ I do not know what is,” she said.

Instead of locking up and heading home, Y.C. Broadie listened to her inner voice.

“I heard a voice say ‘girl, tighten your apron.’ So I tightened the apron, and I said I’m going to come here every day just like today’s the millionaire dollar day, and I’m going to be dressed the part. I’m going to feel good,” Broadie said.

Broadie re-opened a few weeks ago but says customers are not coming in as often as she would like.

“Honestly, some days I’m in here balling crying you know. But I wipe my tears, wash my hands, and I come back to it,” she said.

But she is ready to give that extra juice to make sure her business survives. 

You can find Blend Juice Boutique off Eastchester Drive in High Point.

They’re open every day at 7:30 a.m. except for Sunday and Monday.

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