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Often, a single illness or medical condition won’t kill you, but a combination of them might.

That’s what has some physicians particularly worried about COVID-19: what it can do to people who might have other conditions, like severe asthma.

“Asthma isn’t a risk factor for becoming infected with coronavirus,” Dr. Joel Hartman said. “If you have asthma, though, and you do get COVID-19, you may be at higher risk for complications associated with the virus. Our message is, ‘Listen, we need to make sure your asthma is controlled.’”

And that means making sure you have plenty of your medicines and keep taking them, as prescribed, because COVID-19 is, indeed, different.

“As a physician, I do think this is more infectious,” Hartman said.

As a trained immunologist, he knows the range of allergy issues and what they can do to you.

“Seasonal allergy symptoms won’t kill you but things like food allergy could, potentially, cause life-threatening reactions,” Hartman said.

So, he and his colleagues at Allergy Partners, which has offices in Wilkesboro, Mt. Airy, Kernersville and Winston-Salem, are always staying on top of the latest developments in allergies and their treatments, including the immunotherapy they are currently doing which has shown great results for patients.

This pandemic is likely to pass, he believes, and hopefully we can return to something similar to life before it appeared.

“We always talk about getting back to normal. And I think that it’s fair to say there’s going to be the before-COVID people and after-COVID people,” Hartman said. “For those of us that have kind of lived through COVID, I don’t know what normal is eventually going to look like. I think with a vaccine and I think with the advent of testing to see whether you’ve been exposed, I think we can get back pretty close to where we were, before.”

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