Ozzie’s Ice Cream looks to be a bright spot in the community

Small Business Spotlight
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GREENSBORO, N.C. – It’s not a big space but Ozzie’s Ice Cream is bursting with flavors.

The building at 3712 Old Battleground Road sits a short distance from Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

As people are spending more time outdoors because of COVID, foot traffic at Ozzie’s has picked up more than usual for the winter.

“We’ve been here since April and we love it,” owner Adam Greer said.

The family-owned business spent the rest of its six and half years in a smaller space near where Battleground and Old Battleground intersect.

“When we started Ozzie’s, my wife said, ‘Man we need checker tables and we need games and we want to have a spot that folk if they just want to come hang out can keep it simple,’ and that is kind of what has developed,” Greer said.

Greer tells FOX8 the big driver behind the business was to give his kids a place to work. He also employees students who attend schools where he’s taught or is currently teaching.

“I just told the kids if you work really hard and have a great time then you will be a blessing, people will love it, and they will come back,” Greer said.

Something interesting we learned during our visit to Ozzie’s is the name of the business came after a memorable trip to Uganda.

“There is a little diner on Main Street in Jinja named Ozzie’s and the lady who owned it, her name is Jude and we became dear, dear friends with her and that little diner was very special to us,” Greer said.

Her picture hangs on the wall inside the shop that scoops over 10,000 balls of ice cream in the summer.

Some of the favorites, Cappuccino Crunch, Bourbon Brown Butter Truffle, and Blue Monster — which is a favorite for kids.

“It is cross between cookie dough and cookies and cream and then they dye it really blue like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. It’s fun, it’s a really good ice cream and it’s kind of like this happy color you know,” Greer said.

The shop is a spot in the Gate City that has become a place to make friends and have a sweet escape with your family.

“That has probably been my favorite thing is just getting to know the people,” Greer said.

While Greer waits for the warmer weather so people can sit outside, eat ice cream, and listen to live music outside his shop, he is changing things up for the winter offering ice cream on top of hot apple fritters and cinnamon rolls.

You can check out the flavors at Ozzie’s and other menu options at ozziesicecream.com.

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