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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — In 1992, at the age of 23, Elizabeth Mebane left Vietnam in search of her father.

She ended up in Greensboro with her husband and her suit-making skills.

She ended up spending 13 years working at Slane Hosiery Mills which has grown into one of the nation’s leading hosiery manufacturers.

Eventually, Elizabeth left and opened her own alterations business: Elizabeth’s Alterations.

“I keep growing and growing. From nothing to big bridal salon,” Mebane said.

She’s now designing dresses and custom making clothing for customers inside her store on Battleground Avenue.

Customizing clothing is where her love really lies. She’s won awards for her designs on the runway during Greensboro Fashion Week.

“I can make stuff from scratch,” Mebane said.

Whether you need a wedding dress, prom dress or something for another special occasion, the alterations expert with two decades of experience is ready to create whatever style you want.

“I’ve become a designer. I’m not just alteration bridal. I’m also a designer and custom make wedding dresses and formal wear,” Mebane said.

She also does beadwork and makes sashes and veils.

Inside her workroom, the team of three also alters, repairs, and resizes clothing for men, women and children.

These days, Mebane needs more hands to help her sew. Since the pandemic started, she’s struggled finding the talent she needs.

“Because I take care of a lot of high-end stuff, I like to have someone that has the best experience. Just like on the suit, we only have a master tailor,” Mebane said.

She says it’s too hard to work and train people simultaneously, so she decided to start a school. The classes begin on Jan. 15.

“People have already started lining up to learn how to sew,” Mebane said.

She hopes this will gain her some new employees and get more people into an industry she loves.

Mebane says the community support has made her successful over the past 20 years.

If you are interested in signing up for classes, need some adjustments to your garments or want something custom-designed, you can find Elizabeth’s Alterations at 2921 Battleground Avenue Suite C in Greensboro.