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MADISON, N.C. (WGHP) — Darren Dalton forms a bond with every person who sits in his chair at Madtown Barber and Salon.

“There are some people who may be off track, and I may know they’re off track, and I can talk to them and try to get them in the right direction as I’m cutting their hair,” Darren said.

He takes as much pride in his cuts as he does trying to help make people’s lives better.

“Everyone is welcome to the Madtown Barber Shop and Salon. We are here for everybody. We catered all nationalities. The door swings on open hinges,” Darren said.

One of the reasons Darren chose to put his business in Madison is his cousin got killed a few months ago in his shop that was in town.

Now he’s using his business to honor his relative’s memory.

“It feels good to come back to my hometown and do business,” Darren said.

Cutting hair was not always Darren’s career.

“I was a sales manager in Greensboro at…Southeastern Furniture. I was there 14 years and because of the pandemic, it ended that job, and that’s what made me open this one,” Darren said.

The barbershop opened in the middle of the pandemic in September of 2020.

Darren could only have 10 clients at one time. Fast forward to January 2022, and his place is a lot busier.

He says there is a reason: convenience for customers.

“It eliminates a lot of driving. Some were going to Winston-Salem. Some were going to Greensboro. So it eliminates them from doing all the driving. They can come right here to downtown Madison,” Darren said.

He is also the only barbershop in town.

Darren works on straight hair and curly hair, does fades, razor cuts and more along with the two stylists and two barbers who work with him.

Madtown Barbershop and Salon is open every day except Sunday and Monday.

It is located at 702 Chief Martin Street in the Rockingham Square Shopping Center.