Asheboro man mixes ministry with comics

Small Business Spotlight

ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – As a child, Rick Davis fell in love with comic books.

His brother introduced him to them while he was fighting the measles.

“I became fascinated with it. Start looking at them and learning to read that way, also started drawing the characters so tracing whatever, and it led to a lifelong career,” Davis said.

Davis eventually opened More Fun Comic Studio on Sunset Avenue in Asheboro.

“People just needed an escape. They needed something to get it to get away maybe. They’ve been cooped up too long, I don’t know why, but a lot of issues were cropping up so I decided to open up this is a destination place,” Davis said.

Everywhere you turn in his store there are comic books.

On the shelves, filed in boxes, and superheroes are also scattered around.

You may even spot a Superman cape in this comic lover’s space.

“It wound up being a lifelong passion not only of collecting, but I became a commercial artist and I illustrated comic books for 27 years,” Davis said.

He worked at Marvel and DC Comics.

Art was his talent, ministry was his calling.

“I just came back, you know just like Superman, he died and he came back, just like Jesus, he died he came back, and just took longer than three days; 15 years we’re back,” Davis said.

Now his comic book world draws in the faithful every Tuesday night.

“We hold one specifically that is fandom based, based on comics in science-fiction fandom,” Davis said.

Something Davis believes the world needs right now.

“Some people are afraid, some people are angry. We have people eating at each other’s throats, don’t know what to do… and that’s part of what the ministry is about,” Davis said.

His focus is on finding God in geek culture through comics.

During FOX8’s trip to More Fun Comic Studio, we learned something else special about the place, Davis employs people with disabilities at his shop.

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