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HIGH ROCK LAKE, N.C. (WGHP) — A goose wearing a butterfly outfit brings a lot of attention to Regan Abele’s dock. 

“That’s just Minerva, she’s just hanging out,” said Abele. “Boaters slow down and stair at her and then they circle back around and wonder ‘what the heck is that?”

Abele got the idea from a friend who had a goose she dressed up. 

“She sent me a picture of one and I said, ‘need one of those for the lake,” so I went and bought one and all the outfits.”

Minerva’s clothing continues to expand. 

“I can’t stop buying her outfits,” she said. “I bought her a statue of liberty for the 4th of July.”

One search of the internet and you’ll quickly learn Regan is not alone. 

“There is a whole world out there with it,” she said. “All of them come along wit the same arm and leg outlet.”

Minerva even has her own Instagram (@thatgooseminerva)account so the world can take a gander.

“It’s just a lot of fun.”