(WGHP) — Join FOX8 as we honor the men and women of our armed services in a Salute to Veterans ahead of Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Help us to recognize those whose courage and dedication provide the freedom we’re blessed to enjoy.

Thank you for your service.

Today we’re honoring:

  • 991st & 414th Units, US Army
  • Amy Trent, US Navy
  • Brian Barnett, Air Force
  • Bobby Hilton, US Navy
  • Buddy Culler, US Army
  • Carlton & Battle Hilton, US Army, & Sam Hilton, US Marine Corps
  • Charles Hoggard, US Army
  • Charlie Greene, US Air Force
  • Christopher Brown, US Navy
  • Christopher Hairston, US Marine Corps
  • Clayton Smith, US Army
  • Danny Wade, US Marine Corps
  • Derek Albea, US Army
  • Donald Barnett, US Army
  • Donald Clapp, US Coast Guard
  • Donald Irvis, US Army
  • Earl Foust, US Marine Corps
  • Gary Ellington, US Navy
  • George Rogers, US Navy
  • Ira Evans, US Army
  • Irene Hilton, US Navy
  • Jerry Owens, US Army
  • JoAnn Barnett, US Army
  • Joe Small, US Army National Guard
  • Johnnie Williams, US Army
  • Jon Edwards, US Navy
  • Larry Archie, US Army
  • Larry Gallimore, US Navy
  • Michael Neady III, US Marine Corps
  • Michael Woods, US Marine Corps
  • Michael York, US Army
  • Norm Simms, US Marines
  • Norris Warren, US Army
  • Paul Mounce, US Army
  • Scott Lynch, US Air Force
  • Steve Clapp, US Air Force
  • Thomas McDonald, US Army
  • Thomas Price Jr, US Army
  • Tom Oestreich, US Marine Corps
  • W.R. Smith, US Army
  • Walter Bryson, US Army

Check the gallery below for photos of the veterans we’re honoring today.

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