(WGHP) — Join FOX8 as we honor the men and women of our armed services in a Salute to Veterans ahead of Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Help us to recognize those whose courage and dedication provide the freedom we’re blessed to enjoy.

Thank you for your service.

Today we’re honoring:

  • Adam Harb, US Marine Corps
  • Bill Lineberry Jr., US Army
  • Bill Skeels III, US Army Air Force
  • Bobby Collie, us Army
  • Bobby Morgan, US Army
  • Brittany Jackson, US Navy
  • C.W. Cox, US Army
  • Charles Rice, US Army
  • Clarence Sessoms, US Air Force
  • Clifford Hearne, US Army
  • Damen Pinson, US Army
  • Darrell Warner, US Navy
  • David Gebhart, US Army
  • Ed Clark, US Navy
  • Edward Lentz, US Navy
  • Fred Smith, US Marine Corps
  • Garfield Whitaker, US Army
  • Gerald Durham, US Army
  • Ish’wantis Thomas, US Army
  • Joe Cockman, US Army
  • Jonah Parker, US Navy
  • Joshua Smith, US Coast Guard
  • Justin Johnson, US Marine Corps & Army Nat’l Guard
  • Lloyd Castle, US Army
  • Michael Pierce, US Air Force
  • Richard Alcon, US Navy
  • Ricky Nelson, Army National Guard
  • Robert Brown Jr., US Air Force
  • Ronnie Byrd, US Army
  • Valerie & Patricia Carter, US Army
  • W. Kenneth Watson Jr., US Army
  • Wallace “Buck” Rodgers & Donald Ferguson, US Navy
  • Wylie Burkins, US Army

Check the gallery below for photos of the veterans we’re honoring today.

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