(WGHP) — Join FOX8 as we honor the men and women of our armed services in a Salute to Veterans ahead of Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Help us to recognize those whose courage and dedication provide the freedom we’re blessed to enjoy.

Thank you for your service.

Today we’re honoring:

  • Albert Garmon, US Army
  • Bobby Berrier, US Army National Guard
  • Buster Faircloth, US Army
  • Charles Lawson, US Army
  • Charlie Wright, US Navy
  • Clayton Hepler, US Air Force
  • Curtis Hayes, US Army
  • Cynthia Thornton, US Army
  • Daryl Laws, US Army
  • David Nelson Jr., US Army National Guard
  • Donnie Phillips, US Army
  • Ed Christian, US Marine Corps
  • Fred Robbins Sr., US Navy
  • G. Doak Gallimore, US Army
  • George Hobbs, US Army
  • George Meeks, US Navy
  • Hurley Farmer, US Army
  • Jake Whitaker, US Coast Guard
  • James Bland, US Army
  • John Tomason Jr., US Air Force
  • JoVaun Stewart, US Navy
  • Ken Norris, US Air Force
  • LeRoy Marcus Jr., US Army
  • Lucille Clauson, NC Army National Guard
  • Marco Thompson, US Navy
  • Morris Mabe, US Army
  • Pete Eshback, US Navy
  • Ralph Holecek, US Navy
  • Robert Bero, US Army
  • Seandra Ewing, US Army
  • Stephen Patrick Thomason, US Air Force
  • Steve Lynn, US Army
  • Willard Brandon, US Air Force
  • William Thomason, US Navy

Check the gallery below for photos of the veterans we’re honoring today.

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