(WGHP) — Join FOX8 as we honor the men and women of our armed services in a Salute to Veterans ahead of Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Help us to recognize those whose courage and dedication provide the freedom we’re blessed to enjoy.

Thank you for your service.

Today we’re honoring:

  • Albert King, US Army
  • Anthony Whitman, US Army
  • Antonio Lynn, US Army
  • Ben Bost, US Navy
  • Billy Pickett, US Army
  • Buck Berrier, US Air Force
  • Charles McMurry Sr., US Army
  • Chester Thompson, US Army
  • Elmer “Red” Williams, US Navy
  • Howard Sides, US Navy
  • James Beeson, US Army
  • James Munger, US Army
  • Jason Terry, US Army
  • Jerry Oqens, US Army
  • John Davis III, US Army & National Guard
  • Kenneth Summey, US Marine Corps
  • Lawrence Chandler, US Army
  • Michael Woods, US Marine Corps
  • Paul Helland, US Navy
  • Richard Hodgson, US Army
  • Ronald Moore, US Marine Corps
  • Ronnie Beeson, US Army
  • Terry Berrier, US Army
  • Thaddeus McCall, US Army
  • Tim Gulledge, US Marine Corps

Check the gallery below for photos of the veterans we’re honoring today.

See all of the veterans honored in this year’s FOX8 Salute to Veterans.